Symbolic Links For Your Development Environment

If you do any local WordPress theme or plugin development, read this post. I ran into an interesting situation when I was developing and testing WordPress themes. I found myself with 4 separate installations of WordPress each with their own version of the themes I was building. The Problem After dealing with the management and confusion


Review: UI Stencils

A case for sketching One of the coolest trends that I am happy to see returning to the area of web design is the sketching of simple mock ups as part of the design process. I, like many of you, have jumped straight into code or Photoshop and ended up waisting time attempting to achieve


Review: TotalTerminal

In this post we will be discussing a really cool application that makes the process of dealing with the Terminal app a breeze. TotalTerminal works by showing and hiding the Terminal window through a keystroke. Anyone who has used the Console in certain games will be familiar with the behavior. This program works great for heavy Git users. TotalTerminal

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Mobile Nav Patterns

Us developers and designers are regularly tasked with creating efficient and pretty navigation. This has never been easy and has resulted in many approaches to make the grouping of hyperlinks to be attractive and useful. Mobile devices changed the way users can interact with websites and added additional complexity to an already convoluted task. The

The Right Way To Setup MAMP

  One of the core apps that bring my development environment together is MAMP. Below I will discuss the best way I have found to configure MAMP. Some assumptions: You know how to navigate around finder You have downloaded and installed MAMP You are familiar with the concepts of local development Getting Started So you


A Good Development Environment Part 1: Desktop Apps for Mac

This post is part 1 of a series that outline a good web application development environment. This post discusses the apps that are essential to Mac-based web developers. Future posts will discuss workflows, concepts, virtualization, and applications in more depth.  There are no shortage of applications available to support the needs of web developers and