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Inspired by the destroytoday wiki, these rules follow me from project to project.


  1. Mobile and desktop deserve equal experiences
  2. No hover-to-reveal
  3. We’re only temporarily able, build accordingly
  4. More font weights, fewer fonts


  1. Compress everything
  2. Anything that can be SVG, must be SVG
  3. Think hard about adding any libraries


  1. The less CSS, the better
  2. All colors must be variables
  3. Keep layout separate from styling
  4. CSS selectors must not relate to HTML structure
  5. No nesting beyond 2 levels deep
  6. No importants or IDs


  1. Updating must be easy
  2. Leave the code better than when you found it
  3. Open source what you can

Thoughts? Share them with me at @alexjlehner.